Do you want to get Resident Evil 7 dirty currency?

Get dirty currency Resident Evil 7

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Usually, many of the demos offered by video game companies include challenges that. in the final version, they will reward you with juicy “prizes”. In this sense, Capcom is no exception. A clear example of this is the Resident Evil 7 demo, which includes an object that, supposedly, will offer something in the final title. Of course, in order to check it, you will have to wait until January 24, the date on which the game will be released. We refer to the Resident Evil 7 Dirty Coin. The question is… Do you want to get Resident Evil 7 Dirty Coin? If the answer is yes, then keep reading.

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Getting the Resident Evil 7 dirty coin is possible in the demo of the game that Capcom has made available to you. We will indicate the steps to follow so that you can get hold of it without too many headaches.

When starting the Resident Evil 7 demo, the first thing you need to do is find the fuse that will activate the stairs to the attic. To do this, head to the fireplace and grab the handle of the one inside. By doing so, you will have opened the entrance to a secret room located on the right wall of the fireplace. Inside you will find, on a high wooden table, the fuse what were you looking for With it in hand, go to the fuse box and put it back in place. The first puzzle to get Resident Evil 7 dirty currency is solved.

Next, you have to leave the room you are in. Head left and go up the stairs you’ll see at the bottom. Once up, in front of you you will see a red switch what you have to activate When pressed, the stairs that allow you to reach the attic will descend from the ceiling. Go up them and go down the hall.

Basement key, key to get dirty currency Resident Evil 7

Open the first door you come across on the right hand side and enter the room. You will see that in the background there is a huge hole in the wall that gives access to another area of ​​the room. There, on the left hand side, there is a table at the foot of the bed. On it you will find the basement key, take it and you will have taken the next step to get Resident Evil 7 dirty currency.

Retrace your steps and go down the stairs to the attic. Continue to the left and go down the stairs to the ground floor. Go around them to the right and go to the door surrounded by moss at the bottom. When you open it, go to the left and cross the hall to the end. On your left, you will find the wrought iron gate that blocks the passage to the basement. Open it with the key you got in the attic and you’ll be closer to getting Resident Evil 7 dirty currency.

Descent into “hell”

Go down the basement stairs and when you reach the end, on the left you will see a kind of blue boiler. On this there is a lock pick; take it Then go to the right hand side and walk until you come to a dirty white door. Cross it and go to a table where there is a valve wrench. Take it and go whistling from where you came back. You will see that Baker blocks the opening of the white door, kick him twice and exit.

Get dirty currency Resident Evil 7 Xbox One

Then, go back into the room where the valve was. Without further delay, go to the bottom to the right until you find a doll with a blue dress in a loft. On the doll is the attic key. Get hold of her and run back the way you came. Leave the basement and go back through the hallway that will lead you to the main area of ​​the house. Do not forget to take the blank notebook from one of the tables in the corridor! Very soon you will be able to get the Resident Evil 7 dirty currency, do not despair.

Past the table that contains the notebook, you will see a room on the left hand side. Inside there is a bathroom and a pipe in which you must use the valve wrench that you picked up in the basement. Pull the tanker and grab the gun from the bottom of the toilet.

The mystery of the 5 guests

Now go back to the entrance stairs of the mansion. Next to the beginning of the stairs there is a small table inside which you must take the “fake finger”. Once done, go up to the attic and enter the room where you found the basement key. There, at the bottom right, on the wall, you can read a message written in blood that reads: “Five guests killed, but where? Nothing to mark the location of their tombstones.”. After reading it, you will hear a laugh. The laugh indicates that you have to consult the blank notebook, where a clue will appear, which will indicate the location of the five murdered guests. No one said that getting dirty currency Resident Evil 7 was easy.

Before leaving the room, right next to the message on the wall, between the TVs on the floor, grab the mannequin hand. Then combine it with the fake finger. Now go down to the landing of the house and stand in front of the pendulum clock that is hanging on the wall. To your left, you will see a piece of furniture lying on the floor. Grab the mannequin hand and point to this piece of furniture. If you’ve done it right, you’ll hear a cracking and breaking sound.

for the videotape

After hearing the sound, go to your left and go through the kitchen. Then go left again and go through the hall to the door at the end. Go into the room and pick up the Shears that is on the corpse of the rotten animal on the ground. Leave the room and go to the other side of the hall. There is a cabinet there locked by a chain. Use the shears to break the chain and open the cabinet. Inside you will find the video tape. One more item that will help you get Resident Evil 7 dirty currency.

Once again, you must go up to the attic again, but this time, do not enter the room. Follow the corridor and, at the bottom to the right, you will see a lamp under which you must stand. Again, a laugh will sound again and another clue will appear in the notebook. With this information, we will have to go back to the basement, but calmly, because the monster will no longer be there. Of course you won’t be able to get Resident Evil 7 dirty currency either, yet.

Between corpses the game goes

When you get to the basement, go into the room where a dead body is hanging from the ceiling. In the background, you will see another lifeless body in a bag lying on a stretcher. Use the mannequin’s hand to point to it. You will then hear the sound of a weapon loading and firing. Then go back to the kitchen and use the lockpick on the blue cabinet drawer. You won’t be able to get Resident Evil 7 dirty currency yet, but you can axe little.

Get dirty currency Resident Evil 7 Capcom

Now go to the landing stairs. At the height of the first steps you will see a painting with a guy whose head is in a sack. Well then, hit the painting with your axe. Another laugh will tell you that there is a new clue in the notebook. Will it be the definitive one to get Resident Evil 7 dirty currency? No.

Now you have to go to the pantry (located under the main stairs, next to the door with moss). Inside it, use the mannequin hand to point to the door that is propped up with boards. Then leave the pantry and look at yourself for a few seconds in the mirror above the cabinet. Quickly turn around by pressing down and circle at once (in the case of Playstation 4). A laugh will sound again. New clue to keep moving forward and try to get Resident Evil 7 dirty currency.

Between corpses the game goes

Go back to the attic room, the one in the hallway on the right hand side. There, on the far wall, almost at ceiling height, you will see a metal pipe. Once again use the dummy hand to point to the duct. After the expected Fx, go to the initial room, in which there was a television with a VCR. Will I be able to get Resident Evil 7 dirty currency now? Not yet.

Put the videotape you found in the closet in the hall next to the kitchen. In the video, the only relevant thing you will have to do is open the lid of the pot. Once the video is over, read the note written on a piece of paper next to the television. Then go through the hole in the wall and enter the room where you found the fuse. There, on the right hand side, next to a hole in the ground, you will see the back door key.

The food in Resident Evil 7 is disgusting!

With the key to the back door in our possession, you will go straight to it. But before we cross the kitchen again, we’ll stop to open the pot on the table. And no, within this you will not be able to get Resident Evil 7 dirty currency. Be patient. The content is really disgusting, cockroaches included.

Now yes, go to the room where you took the shears. There you will see the back door, at the bottom, in red. This part is very important. Use the key to open the back door, but don’t go out through it, as this will end the Resident Evil 7 demo.

Get Dirty Coin Resident Evil 7 PS4

Go back to the TV room and review the videotape again. Now you will have to open the pot again and look for a ghost. It is key that you find a ghost, otherwise you will not be able to get Resident Evil 7 dirty currency. Normally, you will see one on the stairs of the landing of the house.

Next, read the note on the piece of paper next to the TV. Then go to the kitchen and check that the pot is open. Once this is done, run to the basement and look for a doll on the floor. When you find it you will hear the laughter again and you will have to consult the clue book again.

Finally! Dirty Coin Resident Evil 7

After reading the last clue, you will have to return to the kitchen and point the mannequin hand at the pot. As usual, you will hear a sound. If everything has gone as expected, it only remains to return to the attic room. There he looks for the white door that, at first, was clean and is now full of blood stains. Open it. Inside the room you will see a rocking chair with a table on it. On the table you will find the Resident Evil 7 Dirty Coin. Now exit the room and climb the vertical stairs outside until you reach the window. Go out for it and enjoy the ending.

It wasn’t that hard to get Resident Evil 7 dirty currency, right?