Corners in FIFA 17, how to shoot and mark them

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The corners in FIFA 17 have changed compared to FIFA 16, so we must learn to master the new system, since it will be very useful for us to score or avoid goals.

There is very little left for September 29 to arrive and we stop speculating. At the moment it seems that the demo is meeting expectations and even generating more expectations. The news promised by EA Sports seem as good as advertised. Waiting to better contrast the depth of the changes in the graphics engine, FrostBite, the developments on the gameplay present evolutions that certainly seem to guarantee greater realism.

The change in the way of launching the corners has already been reported, and it could go unnoticed compared to other novelties such as the graphic engine or the new game mode “El Camino” (The Journey), but do not stop paying attention to it, because its influence in the game promises to be very high.

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Corner shots are one of the main novelties in the new version of FIFA. All set pieces, both penalties, fouls and even throw-ins, have undergone modifications. But probably the novelty of set pieces that will have the most influence on the game and to which we will have to dedicate the most time, are the corner shots.

Those who have already tried it with the demo say that once the new features of FIFA 17 in the corner kick are assimilated and put into practice, the number of goals is considerably higher than in previous editions, so let’s review the changes that EA Sports has introduced in the corners.

What have changed in the corners in FIFA 17?

In previous versions, a good corner taker and two or three good finishers secured goals using just two buttons. FIFA 17 will be more realistic and the gamer’s ability will have much more influence to mark or defend them, since there will be more variables to take into account, the result of more than two years of work by the developers:

  • There are variants in the releases, now we can center low, directed, etc.
  • The dive header gives a new alternative to corner kicks.
  • The shooter’s run, player movements, ball type and trajectory are new variables that affect the shot.
  • While we aim, in the area the soccer players fight for position even grabbing the rivals’ shirts.
  • Spikers anticipate the trajectory of the ball.
  • After launching, you have to take control of the shooter, make space and try to score.
  • Uncontrolled attackers can also attack the trajectory and finish off, so they can even get in the way.
  • In defense we will also have more options. Like fighting for position or intercepting attack trajectories.

As you can see, corner kicks will probably be the section of the game that undergoes the most transformation in this latest version of FIFA.

How to shoot the corners in FIFA 17?

Take the following four steps into account.


First of all, we position the yellow target in the place where we want to place the ball. For this we use L on PlayStation or LS on Xbox.


We can launch the corner more pumped or more direct. For this we use the “square” on the PlayStation or the X on the Xbox. If we only press it will be more pumped, if we keep it, more direct. As usual, the recommendation would be to start trying to find the middle ground.

change player

We must select a shooter and go towards the trajectory of the ball (between the shooter and where we have put the target). We will switch players with L1 on PlayStation or with LB on Xbox.

ball in play

To request the ball with the spiker, you have to press the “square” on PlayStation or the X on Xbox

Mastering these four steps we will have much advanced. We must also learn to include the chopped shots in our attacking repertoire and dominate the fight in the area, but getting used to it will only be a matter of time.

The rest of the button combinations will continue to work as in previous versions. If we want a low center, we will have to press “square” three times on Play Station or three times “X” on Xbox, two presses to launch it at half height, L2 (PlayStation) or LT (Xbox) so that a player approaches receive short, etc.

Video tutorials corners in FIFA 17

Plays to score goals

We leave you with a video tutorial where you can see how the new corner throwing concepts are put into practice in FIFA 17. It also incorporates some tricks and shot variants centering to the front or near post

olympic goal

They will have been able to see that from now on it will be especially important to locate the spaces in the area. It is no longer a matter of throwing to the penalty spot and seeing if the flute sounds. Now you have to choose where to place the ball. It also seems that now it may be a better option to seek the shot with a second player, after controlling the ball with a first, than to shoot directly.

We leave you this other video tutorial. In this case focused solely on marking olympic corner goals. Although the effectiveness could not be 100%, the success rate is not bad at all.

We leave you the complete Olympic goal tutorial in FIFA 17

If the corners already decided more than one game, it seems that from now on they will gain relevance. Let’s hope that EA Sports hasn’t gone too far and more than an improvement or evolution they end up being a bug and every corner ends up at the bottom of the net. What is clear, of course, is that it will take some time to master the shots and be effective from the corner kick. But more time will still be needed to learn to defend them.

Time will tell if FIFA has been successful or not with the changes, but it looks very good.

Here is also the tutorial on how to take penalties in FIFA 17 and mark or stop them. Another of the set pieces that also undergoes modifications.

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