Clash Royale: 8 recommended decks for Arena 6

Find here 8 decks that are ideal to complete Arena 6 of Clash Royale. At this point it is already possible to unlock many cards that are quite useful and powerful. For this reason, there is a wide variety of decks you can make, with different tactics. Whether you want to use the Princess, PEKKA, the Hog Rider or the Bombastic Balloon, among others, check out some of the best decks for Arena 6 here!

Deck 1: Beatdown Army with PEKKA

  • deck cards: PEKKA, Witch, Princess, Valkyrie, Skeleton Army, Goblin Barrel, Barbarian Barrel and Arrows.
  • Average elixir cost: 3.8.

We start with the classic beat down! PEKKA is one of the best tanks in Clash Royale. In addition to being a threat against strong targets, it is key to destroying towers. The rest of the cards are useful in different situations, although it is good to know when to use them.

The Witch and the Princess, for example, are key pieces to help PEKKA and defeat enemy air troops. Instead, the Valkyrie, Double Kegs, and Arrows are perfect cards for dealing with units in a group. The Skeleton Army should be sent in as bait or on the front lines to soak up damage.

This deck especially excels in the double elixir and sudden death phase.

Deck 2: Beatdown with Giant, Montapuercos and Musketeer

Arena 6 Clash Royale - Deck 2 Beatdown with Giant, Montapuercos and Musketeer

  • deck cards: Giant, Montapuercos, Musketeer, Goblins, Minions, Skeletons, Fireball and Download.
  • Average elixir cost: 3.2.

The Giant can still do a ton of damage in Arena 6, which is why this is the first deck of three to include it. And more if you put it together with Montapuercos! The key is building a strong offense early on. Send the Skeletons or Goblins as bait, and cast the other card along with the Hog Rider.

As you accumulate more elixir, you will have the opportunity to send the Giant, the Musketeer and one of the units in a group. Leave Fireball and Bolt as aces up your sleeve, especially if the opponent tries to counter with a lot of units. It is important that you are not outnumbered!

Deck 3: Bait with Hog Rider, Barrel and Musketeer

Arena 6 Clash Royale - Deck 3 Bait with Montapuercos, Barril y Musketeer

  • deck cards: Hog Rider, Musketeer, Fire Spirits, Skeleton Army, Goblin Barrel, Discharge, Fireball, and Hell Tower.
  • Average elixir cost: 3.3.

We continue with a mallet bait (or bait) with few units, but deadly in the right hands. To begin with, it should be clarified that this is a more defensive deck, to hold out until you see the perfect opportunity to counterattack.

Both Skeleton Army and Fire Spirits serve as both support and bait, especially if the opponent has Arrows, Fireball, and/or Shock. Inferno Tower is your main tool for defense, as well as Spells. What you are looking for with this deck is to counter and hold strong enemy units, and then send the Montapuercos and Musketeer.

Deck 4: Double elixir with Balloon and Valkyrie

Arena 6 Clash Royale - Deck 4 Double elixir with Balloon and Valkyrie

  • deck cards: Bombastic Balloon, Valkyrie, Witch, Mini PEKKA, Baby Dragon, Skeleton Army, Goblin Barrel and The Trunk.
  • Average elixir cost: 3.8.

Decks that include Bombastic Balloon (usually Loon in English) are popular for their usefulness in this Arena, as well as the following. In the case of deck 4, this group of cards feels right at home when it comes to the double elixir phase. The key is to use some units as bait to go all out with Bombastic Globe, Witch, and Valkyrie.

It is important to punish the opponent when he uses a lot of elixir. In this sense, the deck is more useful to react to the opponent than not to take initiative. Observe how the opponent plays, throw The Log to clear the way and punish with Bombastic Balloon whenever you can.

Deck 5: Sudden Death Bait with Montapuercos

Arena 6 Clash Royale - Deck 5 Bait in sudden death with Montapuercos

  • deck cards: Hog Rider, Princess, Knight, Minions, Goblin Barrel, The Log, Download and Hell Tower.
  • Average elixir cost: 3.2.

The fifth deck that we propose requires a somewhat atypical strategy. Instead of focusing on the early or even double elixir phase of a match, you’ll want to go all-in on sudden death. This deck is good because you can set up a good defense with the spells and the Inferno Tower. The Princess, the Knight and the Minions are also useful for this task.

When going on offense in sudden death, the idea is to get as many units as you can and send the Hog Rider in when there’s barely any threat to him. We advise to make the opponent dizzy a bit by sending troops across the two bridges. Of course, do not forget to put an Infernal Tower whenever possible!

Deck 6: Beatdown with Giant and Witch

Arena 6 Clash Royale - Deck 6 Beatdown with Giant and Witch

  • deck cards: Giant, Witch, Musketeer, Knight, Minions, Fireball, Arrows and Cannon.
  • Average elixir cost: 3.8.

In Arena 6, the Giant and the Witch are two pretty strong characters. What better way to put them together! It plays similar to deck 2 we shared above, albeit with a few differences. The Witch and Musketeer are the main units to deal with air units. Like the Knight, they are also powerful allies of the Giant.

The Cannon serves as an extra defense. It’s useful in any situation, but it’s a good thing to have if the enemy takes out the Giant and advances on your towers. Don’t skimp on throwing Fireballs and Arrows when you need it! Use Minions to absorb damage and allow the Giant to hit enemy towers with more health.

Deck 7: Beatdown with Giant and Balloon

Arena 6 Clash Royale - Deck 7 Beatdown with Giant and Balloon

  • deck cards: Giant, Bombastic Balloon, Musketeer, Barbarians, Fire Spirits, Minions, Discharge and Arrows.
  • Average elixir cost: 3.5.

The final Giant deck is paired with another powerful unit in Arena 6: Bombastic Globe. It’s from the decks beat down deadliest you can build. The towers will fall before you like sand castles!

Preparation with this deck is somewhat simple. The Fire Spirits and Minions serve as bait and to slow down the enemy a bit. At the same time, the two spells, the Musketeer and the Barbarians are crucial troops for the Giant and the Bombastic Balloon to fulfill their mission. While it’s wise to push early on, you’ll do a lot of damage with this deck in the double elixir phase.

Deck 8: Defensive and Counter Deck

Arena 6 Clash Royale - Deck 8 Three Heavyweight Deck

  • deck cards: Skeleton Giant, Hog Rider, Valkyrie, Minions, Goblin Barrel, Fireball, Bolt, and Inferno Tower.
  • Average elixir cost: 3.9.

If you like decks whose tactics start with defense, this is one we highly recommend. The idea is to defend yourself with the spells, Infernal Tower, the Minions and the Valkyrie, and hold as long as you can as you accumulate elixir. When you fight back, it’s time for Skeleton Giant and Hog Rider!

Since this deck is quite expensive in elixir, you will have to wait for the double elixir phase to carry out the defense and counter dynamics. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of elixir and you will be exposed to the rival. For that reason, wait for the double elixir phase to take out the Skeleton Giant.

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