Chapter 5 Black Clouds of Final Fantasy 15

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In this article we explain everything related to Chapter 5 Black Clouds of Final Fantasy 15. If you get stuck somewhere, pay attention.

We will analyze each of the missions of Chapter 5 Black Clouds of Final Fantasy 15, giving some tips and tricks. Likewise, at the end of the article we leave you a gameplay or walkthrough in case any part of the explanations has not been clear and you need to know exactly how something is done.

In about 1 hour, this entire fifth chapter can be completed, it is not especially long.

After finishing Chapter 4 Of Makers and Regents in FF 15 Ardyn saves the group from dying in Cauthess Bay, but at the cost of losing the Regalia and having the Empire on top..

The power of the Sidereal

We will appear in Chocoberzas Wiz, but without Regalia. So we will have to choose between running (Spint) or riding a chocobo. It may be a good time to raise the level of our pet.

We’ll have to talk to threshold and a cutscene will come where we will get a magic vial. And from there they will entrust us to get the 3 Fulgurites from Lamú found in Duscae

For the first Fulgurita de Lamú we will have some combat but nothing remarkable; for the second we will have the free way; and for the third one we will have to enter the Fociaugh Depths dungeon

The Brilliance of Lamú

Before starting the Fociaugh Depths dungeon It is convenient that we equip ourselves to the maximum, since the level of demand will be high.

As in all dungeons, objects galore, so be careful to take them all. We will have arcane dragon fang, rusted metal, fossilized shell, fossilized branch, commemorative coin, horoscope, iron ring, amethyst bracelet, rogue’s palimpsest, fire energy, a vial, cold energy, ammonites, potions, phoenix tail , elixir, titanium ring, old ticket, blue wristband and lightning energy. Come on, we can’t get too distracted.

After our collection, we will end up in a large room. There awaits us a Nagas (level 30) with whom we will have to measure ourselves in combat (the answer does not matter). The most useful are the greatsword, the daggers, and the elements of cold and sacred, so go for it and be careful not to finish us turning into a frog.

By defeating it we will have a clear path to collect the last Fulgurite from Lamú, also receiving the Mark of Lamu. We will leave the dungeon and we will have completed the mission.

no one left behind

Now we have to go to the Bation of Aracheole with our chocobo. Once we arrive we will have to camping at Sothmocke Sanctuary.

And here we can finally recover the regalia, we will have time until dawn and we will have to use stealth, unless we want a fairly unbalanced combat.

On the screen they will guide us, but basically you have to use Lux Mortis when their backs are turned and they don’t see each other. We will also have to deactivate a laser barrier, and we will finally have reached our Regalia.

Here the action will be inevitable, we will find a mecha UM Manipulos G and foot soldiers. As an aid to finish them all we have at hand a machine gun turret, which we will find turning around as soon as we enter. And you also have to take advantage of the energy tanks if we want a quick and easy fight.

Once we have cleaned the area, we deactivate another laser barrier and we load the magitec generator. Although when we go to it, a wave of enemies will come. Surge that will be the first victim of Lamu (L2 on PlayStation or Lt on Xbox), so we don’t have much to worry about, since this part will be easy and we will be able to see the Sidereal in action.

Without enemies, here we can collect a new string of objects. We will have electrolytic capacitor, ancient wings, graviton weapon, integral armor, reflexinín (2), laser sensor, rusty metal, chrome piece, musculatina (2), omnipotion and a medical kit. So again let’s not miss anything.

We go to the car, they play a cinematic for us and we’ll be ready to go back to Lestallum to see Iris. We will have completed Chapter 5 Black Clouds in Final Fantasy 15

Video: Chapter 5 Black Clouds of Final Fantasy 15

Here we leave the Gameplay or Walkthrough of Chapter 5 Black Clouds of Final Fantasy 15. He will be able to review any moment of any mission. In case they have gotten stuck and are not clear with the explanations, or just want to see it. The videos are from the canary youtuber AdayCanarioWTF. Due to its dimensions, Chapter 5 Black Clouds of Final Fantasy 15 is divided into two videos:

Chapter 5 Black Clouds of Final Fantasy 15 Starts at minute 33:20 of this video (part 6).

This whole video follows (part 7)

And finally we complete this Chapter 5 Black Clouds of Final Fantasy 15 with this video, until minute 07:20 (part 8)

We hope that this guide to Chapter 5 Black Clouds of Final Fantasy 15 has served you. And that with it you do not get stuck at any point or in any mission.