Call of Duty Mobile: 7 tips to succeed in Team Deathmatch (DPE)

Team Deathmatch (DPE) mode is one of the most popular modes of Call of Duty Mobile, maybe the most. The games are very fast, with a frenetic pace that has caught hundreds of thousands of players. Therefore, every detail matters to be victorious.

If you are a fan of this modality, follow our 7 tips to improve your DPE results from Call of Duty Mobile. We cover several important aspects, from positioning to the most useful weaponry for the mode. Get ready, soldier!

1. Keep an eye on the minimap

When someone activates the UAV, it’s time to take a look at the radar!

If you want to improve your results in the DPE mode of Call of Duty Mobile, you should stop getting into any site without thinking twice and focus more on your positioning. The minimap is a powerful tool to control the game and know where the enemies are. There are several blind spots on each map, so watch your back!

When starting the match or respawning after a kill, check the radar and quickly look at areas not covered by your team. It will give you a hint of where the enemies may be. This is important if you discover that the opposing team has taken possession of an area, as it is in your best interest to flank them, take them out, and take away their advantage.

Of course, being in control of an area is difficult and dangerous, as opponents can attack you from behind. If you see that your team is attacking a lot in one direction, try attacking in another. All players move around a lot, so it’s easy to get beaten if you’re not keeping an eye on where your enemies are.

2. Learn to gain territory at the best time

Even if all areas of a zone are covered by your entire team, it’s not good to stay in the same place all the time. For this reason, from time to time you have to choose to advance and gain territory. It is true that it is not a mandatory rule to follow, but it is a useful way to pressure the enemy.

If you move from place to place, do it slowly and with your senses to the maximum. Never stop but don’t run from one side to the other either. If you do it safely and together with your team, you will be able to take control of several zones with ease. That will make the opposing team feel cornered, and they may make risky and desperate plays.

The key is to have an advantage in the position you are in, wherever it is, and not let yourself be overtaken.

3. Be an active player in the game

Call of Duty Mobile - Be an active player
Don’t let your team down by staying behind!

Each elimination and death adds to the total score of the match. In Team Deathmatch, the important thing is to be able to find the enemies before they find you and shoot first. That means you need to move all the time, while still protecting your teammates. Even though you may be exposed, it’s always best to take out two or three enemies for every time you die.

So don’t focus on staying in one place and “defending” it. That’s no use in this mode! A player who doesn’t move isn’t going to contribute much to the final score, and your squad will be outnumbered. Instead of standing still, move with your team and cover your teammates’ blind spots. This way you will be much more useful!

4. Avoid using sniper rifles

You have read well. Although you consider yourself an expert in this type of weapons in Call of Duty Mobile, DPE is not a slow mode. The aggressiveness and high speed in which the games take place makes it better to have a fast and powerful weapon in your hands. In addition, the maps of this mode do not have many portions that excuse the presence of a sniper.

The key to the Team Duel matches is in the medium and close range. Assault rifles are the best choice for most players, but there are those who succeed with shotguns and light machine guns.

5. Equip the Vulture Perk

Call of Duty Mobile - Vulture Perk

One of the most useful Perks for Team Deathmatch mode is Vulture. It is one of the first that we will unlock at the beginning of the game, so you will surely have it available. This Perk allows ammo to be collected from eliminated players, without any limits. In this way, it will be very difficult for you to run out of bullets.

Another factor in favor of Buitre is that, as you improve in Call of Duty Mobile, you will learn to be alive longer. This will mean that you will run out of bullets more easily, so this Perk will be your best friend to succeed in this mode.

6. Put a laser sight on your weapon

Call of Duty Mobile - Laser Sight
With the laser sight you will see better what is in front of you

Regardless of what other accessories you put on, never forget to put a laser sight on your weapon. Being a fast-paced mode, it’s crucial to be quick and accurate when shooting. Not only will the red dot help you aim better, but this type of sight will block your vision less than the holographic sight.

7. Play with headphones

Our last tip is very simple and essential to improve your DPE effort. Always play with headphones. It’s easier to spot enemies by ear this way and you’ll often spot enemies like this sooner than on the minimap. We recommend you pay attention to what you see, but especially what you hear. This way you will avoid many unexpected surprises!

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