Best of the Premier in FIFA 17: Top 20

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Who are the best in the Premier in FIFA 17? David de Gea and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, both from Manchester United share the first position with the same valuation.

In the first place, Arsenal and Chelsea are the ones that contribute the most players, adding five players among the Top20 each. Manchester City also make a good contribution, with four, and Manchester United with three. Finally, Liverpool, West Ham and Tottenham complete the list with one player each. The best teams in the Premier place players in this ranking, although it is surprising that there are none of the defending champions, Leicester. Also surprising is the absence of Harry Kane, the Premier League’s past top scorer, who scored 25 goals for Tottenham.

The best 20 of the Premier in FIFA 17

20. Coutinho-Liverpool

best of the premier in fifa 17 coutinho

The Brazilian is a very complete player, although it is a pity that Liverpool does not accompany much. But passing, dribbling and speed are three skills that few FIFA players manage to combine.

19. Willian-Chelsea

best of the premiere in fifa 17 willian

Hazard-style footballer, with very good dribbling, speed and snatch, which will surely be very useful at Chelsea.

18. Diego Costa – Chelsea

best of the premiere in fifa 17 diego costa

It will be interesting to see how that combination of physicality and shooting works. In addition, although the rest of the skills are not particularly outstanding either, it is seen that it is not a trunk.

17. Laurent Koscielny – Arsenal

best of the premier in fifa 17 laurent koscielny

A great defender, second only to Kompany in the Premier. In England there are plenty of quality goalkeepers, instead of defenders they are a bit scarce, the Arsenal defender is one of the exceptions.

16. Dimitri Payet – West Ham United

best of the premiere in fifa 17 dimitri payet

The West Ham winger is a very interesting footballer, with his dribbling and passing skills he can wreak havoc down the flank. Too bad the team doesn’t follow much and doesn’t have a little more speed. But surely in the French team he shines more.

15. Vincent Kompany – Manchester City

best of the premiere in fifa 17 dimitri payet

The Belgian from Manchester City is the best defender in the Premier, according to FIFA. He has good physique and very good defensive skills.

14. Cesc Fabregas – Chelsea

best of the premier in fifa 17 cesc fabregas

The Spaniard from Chelsea is a first-class passer, one of the best in the game, who combined with a good striker can be lethal.

13. Santi Cazorla – Arsenal

best of the premiere in fifa 17 santi cazorla

More passing combined with very good dribbling for Arsenal’s Spaniard. Tiki taka in its purest form.

12. David Silva – Manchester City

best of the premiere in fifa 17 david silva

And how could it be otherwise, a good pass and dribble also for David Silva. It seems that they have cloned the three footballers, who really have many similarities in reality.

11. Alexis Sanchez – Arsenal

best of the premiere in fifa 17 alexis sanchez

A footballer with very good ratings, in the Hazard style, but with a little more physicality. Although it has a point less in global assessment, surely there are many who prefer it.

10. Hugo Lloris – Tottenham Hostpur

best of the premiere in fifa 17 hugo lloris

A goalkeeper with very good ratings who goes somewhat unnoticed for sharing a league with three goalkeeper monsters such as De Gea, Courtois and Cech.

9. Paul Pogba – Manchester United

best of the premiere in fifa 17 paul pogba

The French presents a combination that must also be tried. 87 Physical and 87 Dribbling can be a lethal combination to outplay any opponent. Also beware of those 5 stars to make tricks and watermarks.

8. Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City

best of the premiere in fifa 17 kevin de bruyne

A very complete midfielder, although a bit slow and it may make us a little nervous, but in the rest of his skills, the Belgian more than makes up for it.

7. Eden Hazard-Chelsea

best of the premiere in fifa 17 eden hazard

The Belgian presents himself as a huge dribbler with great speed and snatch, He is one of those players that you have to try, with those two skills, and depending on our style of play, although 88 overall is not bad at all, it may perform even better than others that outperform you in overall rating.

6. Petr Cech – Arsenal

best of the premiere in fifa 17 petr cech

If in the FIFA Premier there is too much level in any position, that is the goal. Level under the sticks and also life insurance for Arsenal, which this year completes a great team.

5. Sergio Aguero – Manchester City

best of the premiere in fifa 17 sergio aguero

The Argentine, second only to Ibrahimovic in the Premier, is also one of the best strikers in the game.

4. Thibaut Courtois – Chelsea

best of the premiere in fifa 17 thibaut courtois

A great goalkeeper on a team that seems to be improving this year, at least in FIFA, he is also one of the best goalkeepers in the game.

3. Mesut Ozil – Arsenal

best of the premiere in fifa 17 mesut ozil

The German Özil is the most complete midfielder in the premiere, although his physique and speed are a bit lacking, in other skills few can match him.

2. David De Gea – Manchester United

best of the premiere in fifa 17 david de gea

The Spaniard De Gea is tied for the best player in the Premier League with Ibrahimovic. Although as a goalkeeper he is the best solo, according to FIFA. Great news for Manchester United and for those who want to play with the Spanish team.

1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Manchester United

fifa 17 zlatan ibrahimovic

At 35 years old, it seems that Zlatan Ibrahimovic still has a lot to say, and of course in FIFA he will. He is the best striker in the Premier League, and also the best outfield player. Manchester United, like PSG in its day, can gain many followers in the game with the arrival of the Swede.

It remains to be seen which of these combinations of players works best in FIFA 17. Arsenal and Chelsea seem like the most complete teams, but having the best striker and the best goalkeeper in the league is tempting. And more for those who got used to playing with PSG, where Ibra was absolutely magical. And finally, we will also have to see how the team of the current champion, Leicester, works, although it seems unlikely that they will find themselves at the level of those mentioned above. But it is surprising that none of his players are among the best in the Premier in FIFA 17.

Although ratings are one thing and the performance of each player on the pitch is another. In the first place because of the styles of play of each one. There are gamers who like countering and unchecking more, while others are to dominate. There are those who resort more to the centers and there are those who like to enter through the center. And secondly, because the evaluations, at least the summarized ones, are not always what they seem. The top 20 in the Premier in FIFA 17 do not necessarily have to be the highest rated.

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