Ancient coins in Resident Evil 7 (Asylum)

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Here we will explain how to find all the ancient coins in Resident Evil 7 in asylum difficulty

There are a total of 32 Ancient Coins in Resident Evil 7, and they’re pretty spread out. So expect to find them all will take a while.

When we find them all, we will get the Silver Trophy Pelicans of Asylum. Here you can see all the trophies of RE7

So without further ado, we leave you with the locations:

old coin 1

We climb the stairs guest House, we take the video tape that is on top of the furniture and also the pick that is next to the swings. We enter the house, go to the end of the hall and go into the kitchen. There we have to open the drawer of the blue furniture and after taking the object we see the video again from the beginning. We return to the same kitchen drawer and we should already have the first of the old coins in Resident Evil 7

old coin 2

We enter through the dining room to the main house, and we enter the living room that is on the right hand side. In the empty container where there should be a light bulb, we will find the second of the ancient coins in Resident Evil 7

old coin 3

We access the main house garage and we go up the metal stairs that we will find on the left. The coin is located just above a garbage can that we will also find on the left.

old coin 4

We go up the stairs that we access through the door on the left of the main house dining room. We go to the end of the room and to the left, in an open drawer, we will get our fourth coin.

ancient coin 5

On the second floor of the main houseWe entered the room pool table. On the right hand side, on top of a shelf, we will see an empty container, but inside we will find the fifth coin.

old coin 6

From where we found the previous coin, we turn around, move forward and go out to a terrace on the right. We move forward and enter the house again on the left. In the hall, to the left, though under a table, we will see our sixth ancient coin.

old coin 7

Let’s go to the stuffed deer room on the first floor of the main house. And in the bathroom, we will find the seventh of the ancient coins in Resident Evil 7

old coin 8

We entered the crematorium inside of the processing area. And there in a basin, under a corpse, we will see the 8th

old coin 9

we left the crematorium, we turn right, right again, open the door and turn left in a few ladders. we go down, and right on the table next to the broom, we will find the 9th

old coin 10

We continue in the processing area and we have to enter the dissection room. There on the shelf that we will see from the front left, will be the coin, although inside a box on the bottom shelf.

old coin 11

We go out to the patio, turn left and we will see a tunnel that passes under the house. We enter the and straight on, at the end of it all, we will find the 11th, although we may need to use the flashlight.

old coin 12

We enter the gallery in the old house, there in front in the left corner we will see an old piece of furniture, the 12th is on the second shelf.

old coin 13

We left in the direction of the water pump from the old house dining room. But we turn left, and in the corner, under the window, we will find the 13th

old coin 14

We reach the stairs that give access to the second floor of the old house, but instead of going up, we turn right. We will see the 14th at the bottom, on a table that appears to fall.

old coin 15

from where we are, now if we go up the stairs. We entered the altar, we turn to the right, again to the right, and for the third time to the right. The corridor will take us to a room in which we will also see an open drawer on the right, inside which will be the 15th

old coin 16

We go out to old house garden. And on top of the box on the electricity pole will be the 16th coin.

old coin 17

From where we are, we enter the old house by the stairs. We access a room, and there, on the rusty green table, we will find the 17th

old coin 18

In the main house, we go from the trophy room to the provision room. And on a covered machine we will find the 18th

old coin 19

At main house attic, which we access from a staircase in the children’s room, we go to the mirror. And behind, on the highest shelf of a bookcase, we will see the 19th

old coin 20

In the floor 2 of the test area We entered the room that says LETS at the entrance and the 21st is behind the TV.

old coin 21

In the northernmost room floor 2 of the test area, we go to the door on the left, and just around the corner, next to a mannequin, we will see the 21st

old coin 22

From where we are, we go through the corridor, then down the stairs, and at the end of the corridor, on the floor, is the 22nd.

old coin 23

from where we are We continue through the corridors until we find a room with some trash cubes. There, in the drawer of the rusty green metal table, will be the 23rd

old coin 24

In the floor 2 of the test area from the room with a dead man sitting on a chair with beers, we go to the next room, where there are some stairs. Before going up, on a shelf to the right we will see the 24 of the old coins of Resident Evil 7

old coin 25

We access the central room of floor 1 of the stranded ship. And we will find the 25th coin inside the last washing machine in the row below.

old coin 26

In the fourth floor of the beached ship, we leave the captain’s cabin and go straight to the end, where we will have to go down some stairs. And there, next to some bottles, we will find the 26th of the ancient coins in Resident Evil 7

old coin 27

In the second floor of the beached ship, we leave the guest cabin and turn left. And in the corridor on a small table we will see the 27th

old coin 28

We continue down the hall until we find some big doors on the right. We entered the dining room, and then we went to the rest room. We will see the 28th on the first shelf of the table with wheels, inside an empty container.

old coin 29

In the third floor of the beached ship, we leave the shower room and we will see the 29th coin in the left corner.

old coin 30

In beached ship basement 2, we leave the Engine Room and go to the end on the right. There, past the door, on the corner, will be the 30th.

old coin 31

In beached ship basement 2, we leave the Engine Room N1 in the direction of the cellar, and going down the last stairs we will see the 31st in a small box.

old coin 31

In beached ship basement 2, when we have to defeat Emily we will reach a room with a worker’s helmet on a table. On that same table, although behind the box, is the 31st coin

old coin 32

Finally we go for the swamp in the direction of the mine. And on the right side, attached to the water, is the 32nd and last of the ancient coins in Resident Evil 7

Video: Ancient Coins in Resident Evil 7

Here we leave you the video of the youtuber GPAP. In it you can see the exact locations of the 32 ancient coins in Resident Evil 7. Below on the right you have the order of the coins.

We hope that this guide to the old coins in Resident Evil 7 has been useful to you and that you have been able to find them all.