All Trophies The Last Guardian – Guide

Last Updated on January 16, 2022 by Miguel S

Here we show you all the achievements or trophies The Last Guardian. There are 24 in total, so it will take us a while to get them all

The Last Guardian, the Team Ico video game, is finally here. An exclusive release for PlayStation 4 starring a boy and Trico, a spectacular creature.

Platforms and puzzles with an outstanding graphic experience and a story with surprising depth, in the purest Fumito Ueda style.

The Last Guardian trophies are ordered based on their difficulty. There are 24 trophies in total, of which 9 are bronze, 7 are silver, 7 are gold and one is platinum. Although the platinum requires getting all of the above. So we really have to get 23 trophies to get them all.

The Last Guardian trophies are achieved by doing a very similar type of action always. Although higher category trophies are obtained for achieving a better execution. So we will have to perfect our techniques with Trico and the boy to get them all.

The Last Guardian Trophies – Bronze

  • Necklace: You have to get Trico to put his head in all the holes.
  • cryptozoologist: You have to touch all the enemy beasts of the video game
  • broad-shouldered: First you have to gain momentum with a run but then you have to land on Trico’s back.
  • Practice makes a master: Get Trico to catch 20 barrels in the air.
  • Indult in extremis: To achieve this, Trico must defeat at least 20 armors when they have the child.
  • thunderous wonder: You also have to beat 20 armor, but this time with Trico’s lightning.
  • Right on target: Throw and hit armor with at least 20 barrels or cauldrons.
  • Vivacious Emissary: You have to finish the complete game in a maximum of 30 hours.
  • Although we are far: You have to finish the game

The Last Guardian Trophies – Silver

  • Life jacket: The trico tail must save us from a fall on at least a dozen occasions.
  • Balancing with barrels: You have to advance a minimum of 10 meters carrying 2 barrels or more. Here we show you how to do it
  • beast friends: We must paint the whole body of Trico to achieve it
  • Get off my back! We must be hanging from the back of an armor for at least 30 seconds.
  • Prom Dress: You have to get all the boy’s suits and have them equipped to achieve this. Here we explain how to get the costumes.
  • It’s all said: We must have listened to all available tracks. Here you have all the locations of the tracks and their gameplay.
  • fast emissary: You have to finish the complete game in a maximum of 15 hours.

The Last Guardian Trophies – Gold

  • Intensive care: You have to remove Trico’s spears at full speed
  • Keep running: Get away from Trico for at least 3 minutes if he freaks out in a room with an antenna.
  • the call of the wild: We have to catch Trico red-handed.
  • Losing my head: You have to defeat at least 10 armors, removing their heads
  • from a barrel: It is achieved when we give Trico all the barrels. Here you can see where all the barrels are in the game.
  • untouchable emissary: You have to finish the game without having lost a game
  • Lightning Emissary: You have to finish the complete game in a maximum of 5 hours

The Last Guardian Trophies – Platinum

  • The LastGuardian: You must have achieved all the previous trophies.

And so far we have come, these are the 24 The Last Guardian trophies. Although it will take them much longer to get them than it has taken them to read the article. Some The Last Guardian trophies are brought to them and you also have to play in all game modes. Although we put links to some guides to overcome them.