All trophies in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Last Updated on January 26, 2022 by Miguel S

Here we show you all the achievements or trophies of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. There are 51 in total, so it will take us a while to get them all

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare trophies are ordered based on their difficulty. There are 51 trophies in total, of which 37 are bronze, 12 are silver, 1 is gold and 1 is platinum. Although the platinum one supposes having overcome all the previous ones, so you really have to overcome 50 challenges.

We will have to overcome all the missions, main and secondary, and operations, and play a lot in Spaceland. So whoever wants to get the platinum trophy, a few hours of gameplay await.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Trophies: Bronze I

  • growing threat: Finish “Growing Threat”
  • black sky: You have to finish «black sky»
  • Operation Puerto Armor: Finish “Puerto Armor”
  • Operation Burning Water: Finish “Burning Water”
  • Dark Quarry (Operation) : Finish “Dark Quarry”
  • Operation Black Flag: Finish “Black Flag”
  • Operation Blood Storm: You have to finish “Storm of Blood”
  • Hijacked Dagger (Operation) : Finish “Kidnapped Dagger”
  • Operation Phoenix: Finish “Operation Phoenix”
  • D-Con operation: “Operation D-Con” must be completed
  • Full Execution (Operation) : It is necessary to finish «Execution to Bottom»
  • Operation Safe Harbor: You have to finish «Safe Harbor»
  • Operation Pure Threat: Finish “Pure Threat”
  • Grave Robber (Operation) : You have to finish «Robber of Tombs»
  • Operation Sudden Death: You have to finish the operation «Sudden Death»
  • Operation Search and Destroy: You have to finish «Search and Destroy»
  • Rookie Gun Collector: You have to scan a weapon for the first time
  • Serious Gun Collector: You have to scan a total of 10 weapons

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Trophies: Bronze II

  • make it personal: You have to equip a weapon that we have customized
  • equip yourself: Find the first gear upgrade
  • fangs out: Get the first Jackal item (weapon or upgrade)
  • put pot: You have to get the first low of the list of the most wanted
  • captain’s diary: You have to use the computer in the captain’s office
  • reality shows: You have to watch the news
  • With your feet on the ground: Avoid doing double jumps or wall running in a mission for at least 120 seconds
  • Cuckoo! You have to throw a grenade when looking at a door that we have previously kicked open or to which we have looked
  • gravity kills: Kill an enemy while floating on an anti-gravity grenade
  • C12: You have to eliminate a C12 after surrounding him on the right and left, disabling his limbs
  • the bigger they are: Kill 5 brutes in Spaceland without dying
  • It’s a pass! You have to unlock David Hasselhoff in Spaceland
  • Let the rock continue! You have to create a rock weapon in Spaceland
  • more power: You have to upgrade a weapon in Spaceland
  • batteries not included: Create an exquisite core in Spaceland
  • I like the 80’s: In Spaceland you have to find the songs of MW1 and MW2
  • insert currency: You have to play all Spaceland arcades
  • Domination: You have to win 5 online multiplayer games

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Trophies: Silver

  • targets of opportunity: Complete all naval assault side missions
  • idols of the air: Complete all Jackal side quests
  • Gun Crazy: You have to scan all the weapons in the game
  • peace for the fallen: You have to listen to all the farewell letters of the fallen
  • Fully equipped: You have to achieve all equipment upgrades
  • ace of jackal: Obtain all Jackal weapons and upgrades
  • Royal flush: Kill all SDF aces and captains
  • close danger: Kill fifteen enemies with Zero Gravity Hook
  • You know nothing: Kock must be eliminated before the end of his speech
  • sticker collector: Find all the quest items in Spaceland and complete the sticker pack
  • soooo soul key: We must recover the soul key in Spaceland
  • Brain death: You have to play 30 games in Spaceland and reach scene 10 at least.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Trophies: Gold

  • The longest day: Complete all single missions in the game on veteran difficulty

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Trophies: Platinum

  • platinum trophy: You have to get all the previous trophies, all the trophies of the video game

And so far we have come, these are the 51 Call of Duty Infinite Warfare trophies. Although it will take them much longer to get them than it has taken them to read the article. Some trophies are brought to them and you also have to play in all game modes. Although we put links to some guides to overcome them.