All Battlefield 1 scenarios and maps

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Battlefield 1 maps are a sample of the level of the EA and DICE video game. The settings, taken care of in detail, will surprise you with their realism.

All 9 Battlefield 1 Maps

The base game has a total of 9 Battlefield 1 maps where different scenarios are combined. Recreations of the main battles of the First World War in the most important scenarios of the conflict. We will see the English army, the North American, the Italian, the Austro-Hungarian, the Ottoman or the French among others. There will be deserts, ruined cities, labyrinthine trenches, mountains, coastline, everything you need to enjoy with all vehicles by land, sea or air. And to get the most out of all the classes in Battlefield 1. With short, medium and long distance combat, with more or less prominence of explosives and vehicles.

Below we show you all the Battlefield 1 maps, with descriptions and videos.

San Quentin Wound

This map recreates one of the moments in which the German army pressed the British lines. It is a large stage, with open spaces and good visibility. Very suitable for air and land vehicles. During the game we find a high position at one end with a mill on top, a strategically ideal position to defend. Although the many buildings and trenches will make it easier for those who want to conquer the position. It is the map of the Alpha version, and here the colossus is the zeppelin.

sinai desert

This map commemorates the battles between the British and the Ottomans for control of the Suez Canal. It is a very complete scenario, somewhat large, for which the use of vehicles will be recommended. But it combines open and clear spaces very suitable for explorers, with labyrinths of destroyed houses in the center of town where massive battles will take place in very little space. It is the map of the Beta version, and here the colossus is the armored train.

Assault on the Ballroom

This map recreates the German assault on an American base of operations in a Chateau, along the Meuse River. Although there is no shortage of green and open spaces, this map stands out for its close-quarters fighting. It offers good mixes of open warfare with vehicles like tanks and planes, and snipers, but also an ideal setting for the more electric close-quarters engagements in the sprawling central palace.

Fao Fortress

In this case, the setting pays homage to the British amphibious landing on the Ottoman coast of the Persian Gulf, on the Al-Faw peninsula. The orography combines arid desert expanses with rocky elevations, with the Fao fortress being the highest point. If we conquer it, it will allow us to control the entire map with the advantage of height. Once again we find a map with a good combination of long and short distance, although if anything, this time the balance is in favor of snipers and vehicles. The colossus is the battleship

argonne forest

This map is just the opposite, and one of the most peculiar Battlefield 1 maps in the EA and DICE video game. Lush forests, poor visibility, bunkers, tunnels and plenty of action under the trenches. The infantry will be the protagonist, along with explosives and gas grenades, which will be essential to clear areas of difficult access. Vehicles are handicapped by poor visibility, camouflaged guns, and high explosive counts. One of the maps that will require our maximum concentration if we want to survive.


It is the second of the Battlefield 1 maps that is set in the Suez Canal and recreates the fight between the British and the Ottomans. Although on this occasion the water will be more present, and in them the aquatic vehicles and the battleship will stand out. Although it also has building areas that will encourage close combat between infantry and sand areas where we will need long-distance shots or the use of vehicles to move around.


Here the city of Amiens is recreated precisely, and the clashes between Germans and British. The city is quite marked by war, with urban buildings and small open spaces in the squares. Medium and short distance combat will predominate. Not as closed as in the Argonne Forest, but also very electric. The colossus will be the armored train. We leave you a link to the interesting history of the battle

Mount Grappa

Fight between the Italian and the Austro-Hungarian army in an environment that has nothing to do with the previous ones. In the heart of the Italian Alps where green predominates and high positions well defended by cannons and machine guns. The orography of the scenario makes life very difficult for ground vehicles and infantry, since they will be at the mercy of enemy planes. A map with a lot of personality and game alternatives where the zeppelin will be the colossus.

the border of the empire

Also recreating the battles between Italians and Austro-Hungarians, this time on the Adriatic coast. In addition to a beautiful setting in a coastal town, we may be talking about one of the Battlefield 1 maps with the most tactical variety offered by the EA and DICE video game. Both aircraft, land vehicles and boats will play a leading role in the clashes that will take place by land, sea and air. In this map the colossus will be the battleship.

Additional Battlefield 1 maps will surely be added. So we will be on the lookout for updating the Battlefield 1 map list.

And finally we leave you a link to the Battlefield 1 guide. In it you can consult any other aspect of the video game.