10 tips and tricks to play Free Fire well

Free Fire – Battlegrounds It’s a mobile game battle royale in which there is only one winner. We have many tools at our disposal to become the last survivor standing, but you also have to know how to use them.

Find out how to become the best player of free fire with these tips!

1. Choose your landing spot wisely

Choosing the landing site is only the first step to victory. Although it seems trivial, it is not; determining where you will start can decide if you start the game well or not. It is important to choose a place isolated from other players, near a city but not so close to it.

For this reason, the best option is to fall outside the towns and cities, observe where the others fall and, then, enter to explore. It is essential not to expose ourselves too much until we are properly equipped, especially when moving through places with loot in quantity and quality, where many times there will be players.

2. Get gear

free fire equipment

It’s crazy to fight without the proper equipment. For this reason, as soon as we land, the first thing we must do is find weapons, protection, first aid kits, among other things. At the beginning of the game, it is best grab everything we find, since we can always improve and change the equipment.

There are five essential items for survival:

  • Helmets: very important to protect ourselves from snipers and avoid the dreaded headshots. There are three levels of helmets.
  • Bulletproof vests: They greatly reduce the damage suffered in the torso, which gives us a greater advantage in the exchanges of shots. There are three levels of vests, but we can upgrade to level four.
  • Weapons: essential to fight and survive in each duel. There are different types of accessories to add that improve weapons, so try to collect them!
  • Backpacks: There are also three levels, and they allow us to carry more supplies. Grab the first one you see, or you won’t be able to carry much weight at all.
  • first aid kits– If you want to stay alive, be sure to stock up on these kits to heal yourself after a bloody encounter.

3. Explore the military sites

free fire military locations

If there are no enemies in sight, it’s a good idea to scout places like watchtowers, shipping containers, trenches or military stores. There is usually good loot in these types of places, both in weapons and supplies.

It’s not very smart to explore these areas from the beginning, but if we are already halfway through the game, there will always be things to take. Surely there will be fewer players on the lookout to take us out.

In places like this, it is also common to find bulletproof vest upgrade kits. Pay attention while you explore because, although it does not hurt to have a level one vest, it is highly recommended to upgrade it soon. The last players will always have powerful weapons.

4. Discover your ideal weapon

free fire choose weapon

There are several types of weapons in free fire, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one type or another will depend, above all, on your preferred style of play… and what we find when exploring. We won’t always have the privilege of having that AWM or that SPAS12 that we love so much!

The different types of weapons are as follows:

  • Precision or sniper rifles: They are a deadly weapon, incredibly accurate, efficient at long range, hard to find on the map, and low on ammo.
  • assault rifles: they are weapons that can be automatic or semi-automatic, with a good rate of fire without sacrificing much precision. There is plenty of ammunition, scattered all over the battlefield.
  • Submachine guns or submachine guns: They are the most suitable weapons for close range, filling any enemy with lead in a matter of seconds. Two negative points are that they have poor accuracy and their bullets wear out quickly.
  • shotguns: They are powerful close-range weapons, with which you can eliminate almost any opponent with two or three well-placed shots. However, they take a long time to recharge.
  • special weapons: There are different weapons that are special, such as the crossbow, heavy machine guns or grenade launchers. During the games, it is not usual to find a large number of these types of weapons.
  • Pistols: the least lethal firearms of free fire. Still, it’s better to have a gun than to have nothing.
  • Body to body– There are various melee weapons, such as the frying pan or the machete. They serve as a last resort, when we do not find anything else or we run out of ammunition.

Know all the weapons of free fire and which ones are better!

5. Pay attention to the safe zone

Free Fire Safe Zone

The safe zone is described by a white circle, which we can see both on the map and on the minimap. Within this zone we will be safe, since, outside it, the radioactive storm will take life away from us with the passage of time.

If we are attentive to the safe zone, on many occasions we will see players running for their lives to get away from the storm, before it is too late. Situations like this are a perfect opportunity to eliminate opponents. An undignified method, that is true, but also very efficient!

6. Look at the minimap

free fire minimap

We have already mentioned that we can see the safe zone on the minimap, but that is only one of its advantages. The minimap is very important for avoid a whole host of threats to our survival.

If you hear gunshots near you, look for the red triangles that appear on the minimap, because they will indicate the origin of the shots. This way you will know where there are enemies nearby. At other times, we will listen explosions Y vehicles player driven. Both will be marked by yellow or red dots, on the outline of the minimap. That will tell us which direction the sound is coming from.

In addition to radiation, there are also danger zones. These areas are marked by red circles labeled danger. After a few seconds, a bomber will level that place, so get away as soon as possible! The UAV drones reveal the position of the players inside the yellow circle. Never expose yourself to others, but stay close to see where the revealed players are.

7. Take cover

free fire covers

All over the map there are buildings, walls, containers, stones, trees, etc. Use them as coverage! The worst thing we can do in this game is be exposed. As you move, try to protect yourself with the environment so you don’t get eliminated by observant players.

However, that means we must move carefully. We will never know if behind that wall, or that wall of the building, an opponent with a shotgun is hiding, ready to take us out of the game with two surprise shots.

8. Let the others fight each other!

free fire survive

This advice sounds very cowardly, doesn’t it? But it is very effective! Those of us who are constantly looking for a fight will rarely have been victorious. As long as it is not necessary to fight, the best strategy is go unnoticed. Remember that if we play aggressively, the other players will be able to see where we are, because of our shots.

Instead of fighting ceaselessly, what is recommended is keep exploring and, by the way, loot the inventory of downed players. It will be useless to eliminate players if we have not collected or improved our equipment, since, with complete certainty, the last survivors will be armed from head to toe. You’ll appreciate having plenty of ammo and high-level protection!

9. Use vehicles carefully

free fire vehicles

We all know how useful vehicles are in free fire, especially when the safe zone is very far from us. It serves us for move quickly to other places, wherever there is loot of quality, and also to go over the clueless players that we find on the way. There’s always one or two like that!

Unfortunately, it’s not all advantages with vehicles. If we make a lot of noise, the other players they can hear us. For that reason, you have to use cars, vans and motorcycles carefully, so as not to reveal your position.

10. Keep in touch

free fire communication

if we play in Duo or SquadIt is essential to communicate with our colleagues all time. Check if your microphone and headphones are activated; if they are not, a line will appear crossing out both icons. It is important to inform the players who accompany us of everything, since our enemies will also be involved.

Now that you know the tips to become the best survivor, discover which is the ideal character of free fire for your style of play.

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