10 PES 2022 tips to get off to a good start

The arrival of PES 2022 to market implies another year of small changes in the gameplay and content of the game. Konami tweaked some mechanics in this edition, so it may take some time to get used to it and put on a tremendous show on the soccer field.

In this guide you will find 10 basic tips that will help you get off to a good start in PES 2022. Whether it’s your first time playing this franchise or you’re a veteran of Pro Evolution Soccer (ESP), well worth a look!

1. Press without stopping but with intelligence

Pressing and stealing the ball with an easy tackle is safer

ESP It was always criticized for having too many players automatically defending. In the 2022 version, the artificial intelligence of defenders, full-backs and defensive midfielders has been improved. That also means that you won’t be able to go for the ball so lightly, but you’ll have to press intelligently. It is important to keep the defensive line well!

It is only possible to get it right if you press manually. Our advice is that you personally control a player to defend, block the path and remove the ball. Trust the AI ​​positioning and only switch players if you are outmatched by the attacker.

Unfortunately, you won’t have as much free rein to push as you want. The referees of PES 2022 they are somewhat strict and seem eager to call fouls or give yellow cards. For that reason, avoid making strong entrances or throw yourself on the ground to touch the ball. Only do it if you think you can prevent a safe goal, but you better get in front and block!

To increase the pressure on the attackers, ask a colleague for help pressing the ▢ (PS4) / X (XBOX One) button. It will be easier to steal the ball or intercept a pass if you are two against one. Learn to use this to your advantage.

2. Pay attention to player fatigue

A detail that is appreciated in PES 2022, although it already existed in previous versions, is the existence of colored arrows. These arrows indicate the physical state of the players. If the arrow points down or diagonally downwards, that will only mean one thing: the player will tire quickly!

This is even more serious in the Master League, but it is also good to pay attention to it in friendly matches. It is very likely that you should replace players with poor fitness as the game progresses, which can limit your tactical decisions. For that reason, we advise you to always put players who are better prepared.

3. Be patient when attacking

In the previous years, you could even go with a defender to the opposite area, dribbling past everyone without problems. In PES 2022 that’s impossible. Forget that about making a Messi or CR7, dribbling player after player. Even the most talented players need support in this edition. Teamwork is the key!

Thus, the most effective strategy resembles Pep Guardiola’s Tiki Taka or the Dutch carousel. That is to say: you will have to pass the ball from one side to the other, without stopping, until you open a hole in the defense. When that happens, it will be time to attack!

This is because, generally speaking, there are less speed in PES 2022. Matches are more leisurely, implying a focus on a more patient style of play, building up plays bit by bit. The good news is that if you love attacking from passes, side-to-side crosses and crosses into the box, you’ll feel right at home!

4. Wait for the player to position himself well to pass or shoot

The physics of the ball and the players are quite realistic in PES 2022! Players no longer pass or shoot in the same way. A lot of consideration has been given to skills, player strength, weather, everything. Even so, the behavior of the ball is defined more by how the player is positioned.

If you are controlling an attacker who is running, receiving a powerful pass and then trying to pass or shoot like that, the chances of him going the other way are increased! That is why we again advise you to be patient. Position the player well before making a good pass, cross or defining a shot on goal. Also try to use your good leg.

After all, this is how we perform best in real life!

5. Spend time getting to know your team

Know your team PES 2020
Know the strengths and weaknesses of the players to make the most of the team

Cristiano Ronaldo shoots well with any leg, but Messi doesn’t always. Bale is another separate issue: either shoot with the right or forget it. There are also fast players; others, more leisurely and technical. Knowing well the weaknesses and strengths of each player is very important, play in the way you play. This information is easy to access in Strategy or just by looking at team information, so no excuses!

It is true that you can also jump onto the field directly and try your favorite team with your own hands. That’s a pretty fun idea, especially since you’ll discover that famous players they behave quite faithfully. The first step will be to understand how each player works. The second? Take advantage and combine all the strengths of the team!

6. Learn to haggle

Dribbling has always been a strong point in the saga ESP. In this edition, Konami incorporated what it called finesse dribbling system. It’s a bit difficult to master in the first few hours of play, but with practice it’s a great mechanic in good hands. It’s all in the way you use the right analog when the player has the ball.

It is obvious that Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar are the best hagglers. For that reason, it is useful to practice with them! After some time getting used to it, you will be able to use many of the same resources on less skilled crackers. In short, the new dribbles of PES 2022 they are effective in one-on-one disputes.

7. Use the Cancel move command

If you press the buttons R1 + R2 (PS4) or RB + RT (Xbox One) at once, your player will cancel any commands you have given them. This resource, which is called Cancel play, is an optimal way to have better control on the field of play. Be careful, because it is possible that the player stops going after the ball.

With this combination of buttons, you can avoid disastrous shots or stop going after a ball that you know you will miss. It is a good tool that helps you make quick decisions with players, or cancel a pass that is no longer sure to come to fruition.

8. Understands when to use the manual chute

Manual shot PES 2020
The manual shot is a useful tool in the face-to-face in front of the goalkeeper

There are quite a few players complaining about the shots in PES 2022. It is a fact that hitting the shots has become somewhat more complicated. You will need to aim well and it will depend on both the position of the player and the direction of the stick analogical. Also, the strength of the kick matters a lot.

A mechanic that you may not know is that pressing the L2 (PS4) / LT (XBOX One) button will convert the chute into a manual one. It is effective in situations such as face-to-face against the opposing goalkeeper and to fine-tune the angle of the shot much better.

Above all, it is a tool that you should use only when necessary. It requires practice, as many players of PES 2022 it was expected that the button would have a special effect on the shot. Unfortunately, what has happened on several occasions is that the ball was sent directly to the stadium. You won’t want that!

9. Use the new camera to your advantage

One of the most outstanding additions that could be seen in the demo of PES 2022 it is the camera that simulates the television transmission. It is very good for revealing unprotected areas of the field, giving opportunities to make offensive plays with tremendous efficiency. It will also allow you to better see the holes you leave in your defense that the opponent can take advantage of.

For this reason, although the perspective may be a bit uncomfortable for you, get used to using this new camera. Discover how to make the most of it in your style of play, as you will obtain better results in matches on-line against other players.

10. Master the tactics

If you are a new player in the saga ESP, you will notice that the game has quite a few tactical options. You can make a lot of changes to the team, be it positioning, lineups, starting players, etc. In this way, each team is at your disposal for you to modify and make the team better.

The first step in mastering tactics is know your own style of play. Knowing this, you will be able to choose a club with players who perform the necessary functions with greater ease. You may have to try different layouts and headlines, but it’s all part of the process!

If you want an offensive team that plays more on the flanks of the field, Barcelona is a great option, for example. You will have quite a bit of flexibility with Messi and Griezmann as wingers and with practice you will find different ways to enhance both players.

If you want to play more with counterattacks, you should have fast wingers and attacking midfielders. In this way, you will be able to put players who are able to defend, steal and immediately go on the attack. In a matter of seconds you will celebrate a goal!

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