5 Free Fire (FF) M1887 Weapon Combinations

Free Fire has released a lot of exciting new updates for you to try now. Then there is a 5 Combination of Weapons M1887 Free Fire (FF), it is indeed regarded as a very big power. Because indeed a combination like this, it will definitely make the weapon even stronger.

Because there are several things that we have seen with the M1887, it is a weapon that is quite strong when fighting. Facing enemies very easily will make us more in control of the match in a closer way, for sure.

As one of Free Fire’s Deadly Shotguns, of course you have to be able to use it very well. So that it’s not too difficult anymore to face each enemy, because it uses the power of a Shotgun which is most dangerous at close range.

Especially for 5 Free Fire (FF) M1887 Weapon Combinations, it will really help in terms of easy victory. Because this M1887 weapon will have assistance, so we won’t have any difficulties when facing enemies with various weapons.

Free Fire (FF) M1887 Weapon Combination


Free Fire (FF) M1887 Weapon Combination

Even my Esports has also tried this weapon combination, that MP5 and M1887 are really good for rushing. So directly this is specifically for playing Rush, so you have to fight enemies from a distance which is definitely very close.

It’s the most important part of this battle, if you really want to play well. Because using M1887 gives 2 high damage, then you can use MP5 to become a finishing weapon with fast bullets.

We can start with the M1887 first or the MP5, because with that it will still connect. Makes it easy for us to subvert the enemy with a few remaining attacks.

The combination of M1887 weapons in Free Fire is Groza

Then for the combination of M1887 with the Groza Free Fire weapon, it has great power and has really good power. So that will make it very easy for you to fight, because you have 2 weapons that have a deadly range of attacks.

If the M1887 has a task for Close Range, we can use Groza at long distances. Yup, that’s why it will definitely be a very good advantage, so that you guys are careful at these 2 distances with this carried weapon.

Of course this combination is very good, so we will have 2 types of attacks which are also very solid. Especially if from the calculation of the Damage itself, these two are almost the same as the weakness which of course depends on the type as well. But even so, this combination is the most popular.


Free Fire (FF) M1887 Weapon Combination

The Assault Rifle weapon that matches the M1887 when fighting, because the ability is quite felt when fighting. Things like this really help the player, so that it becomes easier when facing existing enemies.

AK47 is capable of dealing great damage even at medium range, then you can replace M1887 if the attack range is sufficient. Of course, with AK47 power like this, it will help your game become even easier later.

If the distance problem is indeed different, but this combination will make the opponent unable to escape at all. Makes us have a chance to beat and doesn’t make the opportunity go to waste either.

The M1887 Free Fire weapon combination is MP40

Then the next Weapon Combination for M1887 is the MP40, a very powerful Rush weapon. It will definitely give 2 big damage in different ways, because this type of SMG or Shotgun has a unique combination too.

Because MP40 has low Damage with a very high Fire rate, then M1887 shoots once with high damage. This is definitely the right combination, depending on how you really want to use this weapon very well later.

This is also a combination that is often used in battle, even pro players still use it often. By understanding why this weapon can be a new combination, then you have to learn the attack combo. In a close range battle, swapping weapons for a few bullets would be a good strategy.


Free Fire (FF) M1887 Weapon Combination

XM8’s strengths for medium and long range weapons, of course XM8 is a really good combination. Especially for M1887 itself, it has quite a lot of damage, so you will give it a different power when you fight later.

Become a great power that can make you stronger, and not too confused about using M1887. Because Esportsku has also tried it, as the most powerful weapon so you won’t get better and better.

Having a great advantage in doing Scope with high accuracy, makes it easier for us when facing enemies. So that way you won’t be confused by the use of weapons like this.

Because for 5 Free Fire (FF) M1887 Weapon Combinations, you will definitely give something very diverse. So that the XM8 weapon will make you stronger, you must be able to practice again, so you don’t miss attacks like this so that you are even stronger than before.

Certainly don’t with Tips on Using the M1887 Weapon in Free Fire, so that it can make you stronger and better. Especially for an opportunity like this, to make playing easier, more barbaric than before.

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